Founded in 1969, our farms pioneered  the art of fresh cut flower cultivation in Colombia. Today we are a vertically integrated company that controls their own production, logistics and distribution to ensure freshness and quality are preserved throughout the cold supply chain.

We grow a full line of Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Spray Carnations, Roses and Spray Roses and in time we have also developed growing partnerships that allow us to offer a greater diversity of flower varieties with the same quality, consistency and control standards we hold our own.

Our organization is held by the highest environmental and socially responsible standards as we currently employ 1,700+ workers to produce  more than 100 Million stems  of flowers in one year. We currently hold certifications from the Rainforest Alliance, Global G.A.P and the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Today we export our flowers to the most demanding and select customers In the United States and the Caribbean, Canada,  Japan,  Rusia, England, Poland, Australia, and other countries around the world. Our tradition and expertise of over 50+ years have allowed us to deeply understand and work with our customers and the market to produce profitable custom floral programs which include Mass Market Mixed Bouquet Programs, Consumer Bunch and Combo Box programs.

How We Do It

Multiflora has a highly trained technical support team that oversees production in all our farm locations. We offer worldwide distribution with our Miami office dedicated to the USA and Canadian markets. Japanese, Russian, European and Caribbean markets are serviced from our Colombian offices. Multiflora is continuously investing in new technology, varieties and programs, producing high quality flowers and offering custom pack boxes according to specific customer needs.


In 1969, when Juan McAllister started growing flowers at Jardines Bacatá and exported the first boxes of assorted Chrysanthemums to the US, Neil Armstrong was taking his first steps on the moon, and the Woodstock Music Festival was taking place on a New York farm.

Multiflora has been growing and delivering a wide range of fresh cut flowers and bouquets to the main markets around the world, with offices in Colombia and United States servicing more than 300 direct customers.



Multiflora is recognized as a high quality grower who provides excellent service to all customers around the world.


Our company has counted with a stable team of collaborators, fully committed. Working conditions are above the minimum requirements of Colombian law. Currently we have a team of nearly 1,700 employees who enjoy all the legal benefits related with health, pensions, and labor compensation fund, also support freedom of association and participation mechanisms as tools for strengthening the relationship between the Company and its employees. We are constantly improving our working conditions and welfare of our employees to meet our internal policies that keep scenarios of equity, non-discrimination by race, religion or sex and promoting the knowledge and skills in processes through permanent training. Our company offers career opportunity to a large percentage of female and single mothers to whom they are given the opportunity for personal growth through the promotion of basic, secondary and technical education.