In the last SAF convention that took place on October 18th to 20th in Phoeniz, AZ,MULTIFLORA obtained three important prizes in chrysanthemums varieties:
Prize: Blue Ribbon
Main characteristics: Very appreciated for all of our customers during Fall Season due to its amazing bronze color and weight of the bunch. The vase life is 14 days.
Prize: Red Ribbon
Main characteristics: Intense yellow color and big head size. This variety is available at MULTIFLORA during the 52 weeks of the year. The vase life is 14 days.
Main characteristics: Spectacular lavender color. It is very appreciated in markets such as Europe, USA and Japan. You can get it from MULTIFLORA during the 52 weeks of the year. Vase life is 14 days.
Ask your sales representative today for these amazing varieties and remember they are grown in the Sabanah of Bogotá with the highest quality standards, where the brightness, color intensity and weight differ plenty with the chrysanthemums offered from other Colombian regions.
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