Multiflora is acknowledging the computer revolution of the 21st century, and developing since over two years ago, an online tool to give you access to order quality product in a timely manner.

However, with the intent to achieve this goal for our customers to have this great experience, Multiflora is excited to announce the launching of our newest version of our platform “Multionline 2.0“, where customers will experience greater agility, and a more comfortable design to address their needs.
The main features of our platform are:
• Exclusive and permanent promotions “Fresh Deals” via Internet.
• 24/7 Purchases.
• Immediate product confirmations.
• 100% access to all of our online inventory.
• A secure platform for ordering.
• Agile and fast product search.
We hope that this channel of trade meets the satisfaction of our customers.
In case you have no user name or password to encounter this new experience, please send an email to, and one will be provided  for you.

Log in to Multionline 2.0, try it now!